2006 C6 Corvette Supercar - 177_7799

At this point we undertake another somewhat sizable challenge. In an attempt to isolate the supercharger belt, especially on the load side of the belt, the waterpump interrupts our path. We gave some serious consideration to eliminating the conventional mechanical waterpump in favour of a remote mount electric pump but compromising flow rates discouraged this option. As the belt wraps the supercharger front jackshaft pulley position, the waterpump impedes direct belt path to the crank pulley by two factors:
1. The upper coolant hose port;
2. The waterpump & pulley itself.

This image shows the beginning of our solution to the first concern. We plugged the hole left from the original port and outfitted a bolt surface establishing the new outlet position. Note A/N bungs applied to the heater hose lines.

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