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2006 C6 Corvette Supercar - 178_7900

Very early in this endeavor, we recognized that tremendous inertia would be generated by the previously suggested speed introduced to the rotating assembly of this supercharger. In addition to the high speed and load this belt drive will transmit, it must handle rapid fluctuation of each and the corresponding inertia forces negatively associated. Aggressive throttle manipulation (consistent with shifting etc.) is torture on a belt and all related components.

The component in this photo is more than just another pulley. This component is described as an overrun clutch. It's function is to lock engagement in one direction only and disengage (free-wheel) in the opposite direction. With this component installed, in our case applied to the rear of the jack shaft outfitted within a 36 tooth shell, it will de-couple under deceleration (no load) off throttle condition. This will vent the inertia loads from the belt drive comparatively to the bypass valve of the supercharger venting boost. The engine can decelerate faster, unobstructed by the requirements to de-cell the supercharger at the same time as the two components are essentially disconnected at this interval. Proportionately, significant relief to the belt drive and related components is obviously experienced. Further benefits are experienced if a rapid on throttle follows (consistent after shifting). As the supercharger was left freewheeling, the engine can accelerate quicker uncompromised by the supercharger until meeting the rpm / load threshold of which the clutch locks up to reconnect the link of engagement between engine and supercharger.

For high performance applications looking to extend durability and prolong component life, which are very attractive benefits especially for a street application, this component is almost essential.

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