2006 C6 Corvette Supercar - 179_7951

Duttwelier / Magnuson indicated detection of slippage using a 10 rib serpentine set up, dyno testing a high boost application similar to ours.

While we were considering this caution, the boys and girls at Chevrolet had just put the finishing touches on their yet to be released LS-9 supercharged engine they planned to shoehorn into the ZR-1 fetus they were growing. This remarkable 6.2L engine utilizing an 11 rib serpentine system advertises 638Hp @ 10.5psi boost.

10 rib slipping - Factory 11 rib on a smaller engine at less boost Can you hear the alarm bells going off? Feel that small perspiration of sweat starting to form on your forehead. Supercharger belt drives can be challenging at the best of times. In addition to the obvious load concern, speed and in turn boost rate, will need to be handled.

As we are equipping a custom built 7L with a large cam, it is difficult to determine an accurate boost rate target and the corresponding charger speed to achieve that level of boost. I believe Magnuson intends this charger to redline @ 22,000 - 23,000 rpm, with peak efficiency slightly below that range. We know of another who's run upwards of 28,000rpm achieving some big numbers. Therefore we must have a drive capable of handling tremendous load, capable of achieving those speeds with expectation to yield boost rates approaching 20psi.

Hence, we've pioneered this 45mm Curvilinear Synchronous (cogged) front drive set up to handle the task.

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