1936 Ford Roadster Kustom Project - 103_0312

DML has selected a shock that is 2 shorter than previously outfitted. The very unique size and valving made it a perfect choice for our application, the draw back was the mount type was not ideal. With a quick eye bushing change we were able to overcome this and now mount with traditional 5/8 fasteners. Another note when selecting shock absorbers; many times selection gets based on length (extended, compressed and travel) and the type of mount provision constructed into the shock. There are a couple of other criterias that should be considered. Often we wish to use the shock absorber (in conjunction with where/how we locate it) to establish range of suspension travel (extended, compressed). This is fine as long as the selected shock absorber has been designed by the manufacturer with that intension. If that is the case, the manufacture will internally outfit bumper(s) to stop travel in one or both directions depending on the shock absorbers intended (stock) application. Another significant concern is jounce and rebound valving. This will considerably enhance or detract from ride quality. (DML always recommends purchasing shock absorbers with adjustable valving for modified or unique applications). Cooperative shock absorber manufactures will provide technical support to aid with selection.

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