1936 Ford Roadster Kustom  Project - 103_0325

A temporary brace has been mocked up and will simulate at rest pedal positioning established from a floor/firewall reference. The push rods lengths have then been established and travel through their arc has been confirmed.

The original pedal mechanism has been retained, although difficult to see in this image, the output fulcrum of the clutch pedal has been retrofit from the top of the pivot axis to below. This changes the pushrod direction from forward (originally connected to mechanical linkage) to rearward corresponding with our new clutch master cylinder. At the same time the length of the fulcrum has been configured to match the pivot ratio of the brake pedal. This provides proper mechanical advantage to correspond with our clutch master and slave bore sizes requiring acceptable pedal effort and travel, and allows both brake and clutch cylinders to be mounted at the same height and plane.

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