1936 Ford Roadster Kustom  Project

As with many components on this vehicle space has been at a premium. This install is no different. After some consideration we have elected to mount the adapter and filter secured to the bellhousing on the passenger side. Again considering that the air suspension will get exhausted, we wanted to make sure that the engine oil does not get exhausted at the same time. Therefore we have attempted to locate the filter in a spot that is shielded from contact due to forward motion of the vehicle (behind the bellhousing) and we have made some alterations to keep the filter as high as possible. Being that the unit has been anchored to the engine/transmission and will “float” as an assembly on the motor/trans mounts, this has allowed us to plumb completely with hard lines with no need for a flexible connection. This gives a cleaner professional install. Height has been established by the floor of the vehicle. Seen in this pic we have used some 90 degree fittings at the adapter. This allows us to plumb our lines from the side rather that down from the top. This may look like a straight forward common sense decision but try and screw in the second 90 degree fitting which is located so close to the first. As you attempt to rotate the second fitting, the horizontal portion of the fitting body contacts the first fitting. End of installation… Not.

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